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Meeting of spirit and body: Offices Zamora Spain by Campo Baeza architecture studio.

Such is the purity of the architectural expression, that it seems almost transgressive that this building should ever be used. To critically enquire of it, however superficially, seems like an attack on virginal innocence itself.

Architectural purity however, is begotten not from mystic union, but rather from clarity of analysis and unstinting application. Campo Baeza working in collaboration with Pablo Fernández Lorenzo, Pablo Redondo Díez, Alfonso González Gaisán and Francisco Blanco Velasco shows us how.

The primary conception is of an open topped stone box created from the same stone as the nearby Zamora Cathedral. The pieces of stone are massive expressing coldness, protection, endurance and solidity. It's walls are punched with openings that frame views of the cathedral from within, and views of the building and garden, planted with leafy trees and scented plants, from without.

Inside the wall is a double-skinned crystalline box. So minimal in the detail of the glazing, avoiding metal fixings and framing, it looks almost impossible, or at least diagrammatic in its simplicity.

The façade system is active in that the double skin arrangement is ventilated in summer, and thus able to expel heat, whilst in winter it captures heat, insulating the space inside.

Gratitude to World Architects.

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