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Meeting in the virtual realm: How is Vienna’s querkraft architecture studio working during the coronavirus crisis?

How has the routine changed in your office?

We all sit at home and meet in the virtual realm. Actually, it works quite well. Generally speaking, it’s the social element that’s missing.

How are you handling the coronavirus crisis  are your projects continuing?

Yes, all of them so far. The planning phase is no problem, but more and more building sites are shutting down.

Do you have any tips for your colleagues?

Celebrate the positive: video conferences instead of silly travel to faraway meetings. Come up with something that’s fun for your team. We have had good experiences with video meetings via the software Zoom, where we can see around 40 people on-screen at the same time, like on a chessboard. In addition, from now on we will have a celebrity chef cook exlusively for us. The live broadcast at 6:30 pm will show us all slicing, frying, eating, drinking …

Do you have any plans for the time after the quarantine?

To keep using a lot of the tools. We are currently developing Collective Creativity, but I don’t want to give too much away.

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