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Mars Case, OPEN Architecture

Martian Utopia: Mars Case by OPEN Architecture

A neo-Martian interpretation of a tiny house? What still seems like a utopian vision could one day become human reality. In collaboration with the Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi, OPEN Architecture have introduced a compact prototype for our future life on Mars.

The imaginary scenario: climate change, pollution and waste of natural resources have forced humanity to develop new living space on Mars. But what will these new ways of living on the Red Planet be like? With Mars Case, OPEN Architecture presents their suggestion: a self-sufficient, inflatable living module measuring 2.4 m x 2.4 m x 2 m. All the components inside the house can be folded into even smaller units to facilitate transport.

The Mars Case is not only mobile, but smart as well. Electronic facilities inside the unit can be centrally controlled via a single device. Every one of the Mars Case modules features a complex ecosystem with air and water purification equipment as well as renewable sources of energy. This will reduce consumption to a minimum.

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Principal in charge: LI Hu, HUANG Wenjing

Project Team: HU Boji (Project Architect), QIN Mian, MA Meng, LI Mengru, WEI Wenhan, SUN Xuezhu

Enterprise Partner: Xiaomi

Structural Consultant for the Exhibition Pavilion: CABR Technology

Lighting Consultant: Ruiguang Boying Lighting Laboratory (Hongri Lighting Group)

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DETAIL 1-2/2022

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