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Marketed as a Mini Manhatten by Kjellander + Sjöberg.

Images:Kjellander + Sjöberg.

It is interesting that when people talk of urban Manhattan they often talk about the tall buildings. But there is rather more to it than that. The particular and unique feeling of walking down one of the city's great avenues, is born of a number of factors often misunderstood.

It is therefore interesting that this scheme, proposed by Kjellander + Sjöberg for Western Kungsholmen in central Stockholm, associates itself with the great American city. But it picks out a rather more subtle combination of qualities than simply building heights.

The building heights in Stockholm will probably never match those of Manhattan’s Mid-town district. But the scale of buildings in relation to the width of existing streets may well give an intensely urban impression characteristic of a stroll across Mid-town.

This proposal also recalls a distinct 19th century industrial vernacular, characteristic of warehouses in certain former industrial quarters. It is artifice of course, carried further by allowing the buildings to step back in different materials. It gives an impression of streets behind, each taller than the last.

It is not the first time that Stockholm has sought inspiration from America. When Gunnar Asplund went to America to study public libraries he brought back an essence that inspired him to design the Stockholm Public Library.

It will be an achievement if this development produces something so august.


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