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Made of cardboard but built to last: The Wikkelhouse by Fiction Factory

Its makers at Fiction Factory are Dutch, explaining the name, which incorporates the Dutch word wikkelen ("wrapping"). Each section of the Wikkelhouse comprises 24 layers of eco-friendly and top-quality cardboard wrapped around a mould to create a 1.20-metre wide segment.  The result: a sandwich structure with top insulation qualities. The cardboard airframe is finished with wooden cladding boards and protected from the weather with a waterproof outer film. The Wikkelhouse can be erected and dismantled at any time, and thanks to its modular design can also be extended in length. The kitchen, bathroom and additional space can all be integrated individually. The basic segment – the smallest variant of the Wikkelhouse – is five square metres in size (4.50 metres long, 1.20 metres wide and 3.50 metres high) and costs 25,000 euros, not including transport and assembly. The modular cardboard houses can currently be bought and erected in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Great Britain, Denmark and Germany. A film on the house can be accessed here.

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