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LoTek lamp by Javier Mariscal

LoTek lamp by Javier Mariscal for Artimede

The LoTek lamp was designed by Javier Mariscal to convey the past through its form, function and materiality.The Barcelona-based designer Javier Mariscal designed the LoTek lamp for Artemide in the tradition of lamp design: The LoTek lamp is, as the designer explains,  an “evolved lamp” that is including design concepts from the 19th to the 21st centurey.

Thus the LoTek lamp is developed  in the spirit of the 19th century Industrial Revolution with a rudimentary iron shape that acts as a counterweight and support for the revolving lamp.

Detail of the LoTek lamp designed by Javier Mariscal for Artimede. Photo: Artimede

On the other hand the mechanics of the lamp’s Aluminium arm follow 20th century design the concepts:  The arm has an ball and socket joint that allows it to move without friction 180° vertically and to be turned to different positions. Then, the technology of its shade with its LED light is a tribute to 21st century design.

LoTek lamp in color. Design by Javier Mariscal for Artimede. Phot: Artimede

Javier Mariscal explains the LoTek lamp's design: “The past is in its genes and it reveals this through its form, its function and the materials that have been used to manufacture it. “

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