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Living in the flow of nature: Studio and home of Ikimono Architects.

Concept sketch

Glimpsing into a person's soul is often thought of as a religious preoccupation. So when an artist or architect creates a piece of work, essentially for themselves, is it possible to see what makes the spirit and philosophy of the practice? Yes, I believe it is. So in that spirit, lets take a glimpse into the studios and home of Ikimono Architects.

The building is of great simplicity, four walls and a glass roof. A large volume of space with large windows that connects the space intimately with the exterior. But within that rule -set or architectural framework is a richness of possibility and presence of mind that allows the exploration and enjoyment of the seasons. It enables the discovery of a way of living and of working. The possibility of living closer to nature within an unpromising urban environment.

The images here are presented as a year in the life, of the building. One cycle of nature, the evolution of a human habitat. The rain, snow and wind are natural flows and they can be seen, and heard, they impact and change the internal environment of the building. They open-up the imagination of the occupants, influence the way they live, work and think.

This building moderates the connection with nature rather than inhibits it. Proposing an awakening of the senses, an acknowledgement that we are are living, and fortunate to be so. We are alive, this house reminds us of that!

Concept sketch.

Looking from the top.

Looking down on the space.

External view from street.

Domestic life.

External view

External perspective.

View from the road.

View with weeds.

Internal views

Internal shots.

Inside outside

When it snows.

Night shot

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