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Levitated Mass: Giant boulder crowns the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Boulder in placeThe artist Michael Heizer had been searching for the ultimate piece of rock that would fit his concept for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. When he found it is when his problems began!

The rock weighs 340 tons and was transported from the quarry to the LACMA campus in Jurupa Valley with a giant crawling machine. The 100 kilometres journey took eleven nights! It is believed that moving the rock will be get an entry in the Guinness book of World Records as the heaviest object ever transported...

There is an undeniable sculptural tension between the straight lines of the walkway with its smooth, sheer concrete walls, and the rough, uneven rock that sits astride the man made structure.

It is also very interesting that despite the superlative statistics about the rock, it actually looks very small in comparison to the modest height of the walls and the length of the pathway.

Check out more spectacular pictures on the moving of the stone.

Source Design Taxi.

Distant view

Detail of the rock.

From the other side.

In the quarry

Getting it on the crawler.

Transporting by night.

It arives.

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