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Let there be better light:A new type of plastic lamp.

Photo: Wake Forest University

As the entire lighting industry gears up to LED lighting is that technology about to be outshone by new developments in electroluminescent plastics?

Professor David Carol and other researchers at Wake Forest University, USA, have published an interesting paper in the journal Organic Electronics, that proposes lamps working on the principle of field-induced polymer electroluminescent (FIPEL) to emit hight quality light.

The lamps are the first to use only plastic so are shatter proof. They are created from three layers of light-emitting polymer blended with nano-materials. The construction glows when electric current is passed through it, and is capable of producing light with the colour temperature of daylight.

The new lights will be efficient, relatively simple to manufacture compared to fluorescent lamps, and they will not contain toxic materials such as mercury. They are estimated to last between 20,000 to 50,000 hours and you can expect the first lamps within two years.

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