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Landscape Abbreviated by Nova Jiang.

Betail of machine.

The landscape artist Nova Yeung collected moss form New York's pavements, buildings, subway grates, and anywhere she could find it. Demonstrating its authenticity the moss is still covered in urban detritus such as bits of plastic and broken glass. Transferring the moss into her “kinetic maze”, it now has a life on the move.

The maze is a series of long planters each shaped something like a wooden spoon or spatula. Each planter is pivoted at one end and can swing around controlled by a motor connected to a computer.

According to a rule set the computer generates endless permutations of planter positions that configure and reconfigure the landscape and the space. It is this dynamic and unpredictable quality that is imparted to the space that interests the artist. She considers this an ”architectural abbreviation of grand ideas”.

See the maze in action.

General view of maze

under the maze

Maze configuration.

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