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La Palma, Mexico City by Miguel Angel Aragonés.

A shady courtyard.

Photos: Miguel Angel Aragonés.

Miguel Angel Aragonés, the architect for this house in Mexico City, appears to have an all consuming fascination with the sun. He sees it as revealing architecture, defining its edges and spaces. His approach to design is to capture the sun, manipulate it and finally “seduce” it

Let us see what he means by this with a look at La Palma.

Rendered in white cubic forms the house appears to sit on a horizontal glass slot. The glass modulates the threshold between interior and exterior controlling views and access to external spaces. At the heart of the house is a triple height atrium with a glazed roof. The entering light acts as a diurnal and seasonal marker of time.

With white walls and white marble floors the space reads as a gallery. An impression reinforced by a liberal sprinkling of art. Occasionally jagged slots or fissures are cut into the walls, like missing pixels from an image. Behind are other spaces, revealed as dark volumes containing sculptural architectural forms.

It is an incredible house... an architect's playground.

A courtyard view.

Pool view.

Another view f the shady terrace.

View into the garden.

The atrium.

Gallery snug.


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