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Industrial strength: ceramics by Gentle Giants.

Vases of industrial architectureThe appropriation of iconic building images to make novelty gifts goes back a surprisingly long time. But these vases are about something entirely different. They aim to explore the beauty of industrial architecture as a comment on the cultures that created it, and as a celebration of the architectural qualities of the structures in their own right.

The pieces were conceived as a tribute to the photographers Bernd and Hilla Brecher by Michael Breschi founder of Studio Gentle Giants.

Usually industrial architecture of the kind depicted by these vases goes largely unnoticed. At best, it is tolerated as the ugly manifestation of the industry necessary to sustain our society, but the architecture is seldom appreciated in its own right. Bernd and Hilla Brecher did not just notice these structures they were able to draw out their beauty and so draw attention to them with their evocative photographs.

It is hoped these vases can do likewise.

Top view of collection

Front view of collection

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