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Hydro electric energy open museum, Chile by Pedro Perez and Associates.

Photo credits: Gian Franco Costa, Pedro Pérez, Sebastian Lavado.

Tourism and the generation of clean energy does not immediately seem like a winning combination. But that is precisely the proposition created at Fundo El Toyo, San José de Maipo, Region Metropolitana, Chile. The idea is to create an open park museum dedicated to the generation of clean energy. This 10.4Kw hydroelectric plant is the first in a series of living, working exhibits to be constructed. Others will follow.

The project was designed by Pedro Perez and Associates and is where tourists will learn more about the challenges of generating clean electricity particularly within an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The turbine hall encloses about 1800m2 of space including office and support areas. It is enclosed with a great wing-shaped canopy and two glass end walls. Environmental control is designed around the site's native characteristics and passive systems achieving a high sustainability standard.

Gratitude to Arquimaster.

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