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dIONISO LAB, Beiriz, Portugal, House L27

House L27 by dIONISO LAB

The architects have placed the single-family home in the north of Portugal in the centre of its rectangular lot, so the greater part of the garden is surrounded by the house. This central inner courtyard is literally covered by the house: the geometry of the house moves between its orthogonal edges and the fluid space inside.

A generous living space is arranged on the lower floor; the upper level is home to the bedrooms, a kitchen/dining area and a library. A small stairway leads to the rooftop terrace, which has a certain similarity to the deck of a ship. From outside, the house seems reserved, but the interior reveals itself as spacious. Life inside unfolds along the cylindrical patio. From here, it is possible to make eye contact between the floors. The centre of the building, which is outside, symbolizes the family’s most important place, which will change with them over the years.

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