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Filippo Taidelli, FTA studio, Cells, Andrea Martiradonna

Hospital of the future: Cells installation by Filippo Taidelli

Inside a courtyard at Milan University, the architect Filippo Taidelli (FTA Studio) staged his vision of the hospital of the future. Named "Cells", the installation enables an immersive sensory experience of the effects of advances in health care. The location for the structures by Filippo Taidelli was chosen due to the historic use of the prominent building, which during the Renaissance era served as a hospital.

The installation consists of two glass cells set up at opposite corners of the courtyard. In the one case, the focus is on interior furnishings that suggest that the sterile hospital rooms of today will be more like cosy living rooms in future. The other case, more concerned with the advent of "virtual health care", indicates the need for a new definition of the relationship between man and machine.

The first cell is transparent and extroverted in character; the second, introverted one immerses the visitor in a virtual world in which, for example, sunlight can be imitated at night.  The visual experience is underscored by a sound and olfactory installation.
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