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Holy water tower: an installation by Tom Fruin.

Photos: Tom Fruin.

The concept of “holy water” is well established in certain theological circles. But the New York based artist Tom Fruin takes this notion in a new direction with his coloured water tower.

At one level, the tower is a simple homage to the countless water towers that contribute to the New York skyline when viewed close-up.

But in this installation, the artist borrows from the religious imagery of Christendom established over countless centuries in the form of stained glass. The status of the water tower is raised to that of a holy structure, an idea that is reinforced when viewed from inside.

The artist cleverly taps into the common, yet tacit understanding of what stained glass has actually come to represent: a symbol of the admittance of God within.

Christopher C. Hill.

Gratitude to etoday.

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