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Heijmans ONE – A house in one day

In cooperation with Daan Roosegarde, Heijmans has realized various exciting, forward-looking projects such as the Smart Highway or, most recently, the Van Gogh bicycle path. Now their latest work appears in the form of a prefabricated house which is ready for occupation in just one day.

The target market for these houses, which cost 700 euros a month, are young professionals. The houses offer everything a singleton needs: kitchen, living room, bedroom and even a verandah. The house is called ONE and is currently being tested by 28-year-old Carmen Felix, who was considered the most suitable of 230 applicants to test-drive the house for three months. Her experiences will then influence further development of the project.

The ONE project represents attractive, temporary living space which is also impressive in terms of sustainability in the form of solid wood construction and the use of solar panels.

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