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Healing the soul: Refugia hotel, Rilan, Chile by Mobile Arquitectos.

Photos: Tali Santibaῆez, Daniel Corvillón.


On a hill surrounded by 10 acres of land, the site of the Refugia hotel overlooks the bay of the Rilan peninsula. From here it is around 18km from Chile's capital but it may as well be a far greater distance, such is its physical isolation and conceptual abstraction from the life in the metropolis.

In its splendid isolation, Mobile Arquitectos have created what might be thought of as a modern sanatorium, conjuring images perhaps from Magic Mountain, that wonderful book by Thomas Mann.

The hotel has 12 rooms, a reading room, a lounge with a fireplace a dining area and a terrace. As the guests that use this hotel are not sick, the medical facilities common to sanatoria are here replaced with a spa, jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath and massage room. Without question, their use will do anybody the power of good that uses them!

The roof and façades are clad with shingles. There is generous glazing taking full advantage of the spectacular views. Inside, the timber theme continues creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Courtyard view.

Wing elevation.

The view.

From down the hill.

Evening shot of elevation.

Evening shot perspective.

Veiw from under.

Internal shot of lounge.

The grand stair.

Detail of the stair hall.

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