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Hacked Off: Office Furnishings for Start-Ups by Konstantin Grcic

Munich’s designer Konstantin Grcic has hacked for Vitra. The result: Hack, a box that can be folded flat and is ideal for creating a variety of working situations in just a few steps. It is perfect for young companies and start-ups that need efficient fixtures for their first spaces, but also for post-secondary institutions or enterprises that want to offer their young students and employees a creative working environment. With its raw wooden panels, Hack presents an unfinished, experimental aesthetic, rather like a long-exposure snapshot. The system reflects the attitude prevalent in companies that define themselves via constant change.  Each unit of Hack forms an independent element that can be changed to serve a variety of needs: Hack offers flexibility because it can be folded shut in just a few steps. This means it can be cleared away, moved or stored without wasting space.  Hack offers a work surface and customizable private space. It can be adjusted to standing, sitting or lounging height in order to create spaces for work, discussion or relaxation. Along with function and flexibility, the production of Hack reflects the requirements of young enterprises. On the one hand, the manual mechanics allow ecological manufacture and use. On the other hand, the units are energy-efficient, for the wooden parts are produced locally and assembled with prefabricated metal parts by Vitra. Hack’s construction is robust and spare. The massive hinges that connect the three panels are precisely worked metal parts that enable the units’ sophisticated folding function and lend them stability. Adjusting the height of the work surface requires only a handle or a crank. In fact, the table can be raised from about 200 mm to 1,250 mm in just a few seconds. At the lowest setting, Hack can be furnished with a cushion and used as a sofa.

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