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Grassland carpets by Alexandra Kehayoglou.

Carpet, annihilated in the popular markets by a shift in taste to hardwood flooring, is being reinvented.

Not that these carpets designed by the artist Alexandra Kehayoglou with the Design and Sustainability Lab of Spartan, a Brazilian company founded by his grandparents in Buenos Aires 70 years ago, will change that.

But these carpets help to rekindle an interest in the art form that has been out of fashion recently.

The grassland carpet seeks to mimic the appearance of naturally occurring, but fast disappearing landscapes. They also carry a strong message of sustainability. These carpets are made from wool, of course a natural material, but they are often made from the leftovers of the production of other products in the factory. That not only improves efficiency in the process, but it also resonates with the sustainability theme of the design.

You can see more of Alexandra Kehayoglou's work here.


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