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Furniture by Alan Lake.

For some, the furniture designed by Alan Lake is the antidote to minimalism and modernism. The designer / maker finds inspiration for his pieces from the very wood he sources.

Unlike the commercial timber trade that discards the gnarled, grotesque pieces of wood because they are non standard, Lake often uses these pieces from which unusual forms result. He regards working with such interesting natural forms as a dialogue with the wood which allows its individual expression in the finished furniture piece.

Another factor that informs his work, is the practicality of the finished pieces. For him, it is important that the pieces are functional however sculptural or expressionistic they may be.

The pieces are made from hardwoods that are native to the United Kingdom where he works. He only ever sources the raw material sustainably. To do otherwise would be so counter to the spirit of what he tries to achieve, as to be unthinkable.

The pieces are limited editions, as well as private commissions.


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