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Four Eyes House by Edward Ogosta Architecture

House exterior view

Images: Edward Ogosta Architecture

The Californian dessert I am told, has a haunting beauty which the Four Eyes House is designed to appreciate. Its 'sleeping towers' rise above the desert to provide distinct spatial experiences in relation to observable natural phenomena. Watching the sunset, sunrise, stars and ...storms is the stuff of dreams.

Each of the towers not only enjoys a different outlook, but is also individually architecturally articulated as a further way to particularise the experience each offers. For example, as well as having different orientations, each has a different stair configuration. The inhabitants can choose in which tower they sleep depending on what spatial phenomenon they want to dwell upon before R.E.M. sets in! A nod perhaps to a long-past nomadic desert existence? The design is conceptually elegant. I wonder how it performs environmentally in the harsh desert climate?

House back

Night experiences

Lounge close up

Daylight experiences


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