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Marshall Blecher, Magnus Maarbjerg, studio Fokstrot, Floating island, Kristian Emdal, Airflix

Floating Island in Copenhagen

The first prototype for the Copenhagen Islands project was recently launched under the name of "Ø1" (whereby the letter stands for the Danish word for island). This initial buoyant island can be encountered at present in the southern part of the Copenhagen harbour and has been used to date for barbecues, as a swim platform and even for small events. A linden tree has also been planted at the centre of the island to make it easily recognisable from afar. The 25 square-metre island was produced at a Copenhagen boatyard using traditional wooden boat building techniques.

The architects Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg are planning several of the wooden islands for distribution at various places in the harbour waters, meaning a floating sauna island, floating gardens and floating mussel farms will then be freely available for public use. Their concept also envisages flexibility of use, for example by bringing several of the islands together for a short time for larger events or in order to attract attention to forgotten parts of the harbour. The project undoubtedly offers a new perspective on the city and a completely new type of urban public space.

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