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Flashlight and Bedside Light

Handlight designed by Rafael Morais.

The Handlight is a flashlight that is transformed into a bedside light while its battery is being charged.

The concept for Handlight by young designer Raphael Morais, based in Morinha Grande, Portugal, arouse out of his concern with the questions of how to design a flashlight that is actually close when needed – like for example when you have to get up during the night but want to avoid to cause disturbance.

As well as some other objects, a flashlight is usually a functional product that hidden away in cupboards, drawers or boxes and alike but not at hand when needed because it is not designed to be displayed.

The Handlight by Morais reverses this situation: It was designed to be hold in the hand, but also to be placed in a base to be turned into a bedside light.


A bedside lamp that can be turned easily into a flashlight. Designed by Raphael_Morais

The battery in the Handlight is charged and when it is plugged into the base: The project has also the Green Concept intended to minimize battery cells and use more clean energy (environmentally friendly product).

Drawing of the elements of the Handlight. Design by Raphael Morais

Morais’ designed a simple flashlight that serves its own special purpose out in the open

The Handlight refers to the old candle-next-to-the-bed concept, when used as bedside light. Design by Raphael Morais

When turned into a bedside light, Morais design conceptually refers to the aesthetic of the traditional candle placed on the nightstand.

If the Handlight would incorporate LED and would be adaptable to special, long-lasting batteries it would also be a truly ecologic design.




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