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LPAA, Loïc Picquet Architecte, Metzeral

Fire and Rescue Centre in Metzeral

The new fire station in Metzeral is located in a nature park called Ballon des Vosges, a place that was once home to an old quarry. The station is composed of two parts: technical and administrative. These two functions demand different architectural solutions; however, the building by Loïc Picquet Architecte presents itself as a balanced unit. The rooms of the administrative centre lie behind the wooden façade. Inside, the masonry walls have been left untreated in order to meet cost requirements. All the technical elements are visible as well.

The firefighters work in the technical centre. This second area of the building disappears behind the administrative area and the cliff found just behind the structure. Its black colour serves both to accentuate the graceful wooden façade and make the large volume stand out against the mountainous background.

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