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Filament fantasies: Wooden light bulb by Fukusada Design.

Light off.Since early this month incandescent lamps, or light bulbs as they are more affectionately known, have been banned in Europe, saddening many people.

But Ryosuke Fukusada, a Japanese designer who worked in the studio of Patrricia Urquiola, a Milan based designer, is refusing to let their memory be … well, switched off.

He has created a lamp that is apparently made from solid wood.

When the lamp is switched off it looks like solid wood, but inside is an LED source wrapped in a wooden shell that is shaved using Japanese “Rokuro” techniques until it is paper thin.

When the light is switched on, a beautiful warm glow is produced that has a touch of magic about it.

Inside the lamp we are told there is an aluminium frame that gives the product its classical form. The idea is still under development.

Light on.

Light on alternative image.

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