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Fighting foulness: de-polluting façade by Elegant Embellishments.

Photo credits: Elegant Embellishments

The idea that mankind has already pumped-out too much carbon and other pollutants into the atmosphere to avoid climate disaster, suggests that an alternative approach must be found to avert melt-down. One idea is to filter the pollutants out of the air in some way, but how?

This façade on the Torre de Especialidades at the Hospital Manuel Gea Gonzalez in Mexico City provides an interesting approach.

The façade is created by Elegant Embellishments using their product Prosolve 370e. The façade modules are coated with titanium dioxide (Ti02) that is activated by daylight. When positioned near pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, the surface reacts with the pollutants breaking them down and neutralizing them.

The form of the panels is derived from a “quasicrystal grid” and produces a notion of randomness using only two types of pattern. The result has a resemblance to organic structures such as sponges, yet is entirely modular. The façade forms are double sided, increasing the surface area of the all important neutralising coating.

The façade can be retrofitted to existing structures as an active and decorative screen.

Gratitude to eVolo.


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