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Portugal, Residential Complex, Summary

Prefabricated Building Blocks: Residential Complex in Portugal

The modular system developed by the Porto-based architects was inspired by the large-format pipes used in sewer construction. The Gomos modules consist of self-supporting frame elements that are assembled on site. Every module leaves the factory completely ready for use. All necessary installations, such as interior and exterior cladding, insulation, window frames, plumbing, electrical installations and built-in furnishings are integrated from the get-go. The individual modules are extremely stable and can be set up in only a short time.

The private client behind the project in Portugal’s Vale de Cambra wanted quick, cost-effective building work. Moreover, the structure should be adaptable to changes in use over time. The project was approved as a residential complex.

The ground-floor façade consists of prefab concrete slabs; extensive streetside glazing opens up towards the valley. The interior can be designed as required. Panels fitted with interior tracks to support the distribution of water and electricity can be added or removed. The ground floor can also function as a large, open space.

While the public areas on the ground floor are accessible from the street, the homes are reached via a narrow driveway that leads to a plateau behind the building. The small dwellings on the first upper storey are built of prefabricated Gomos-system modules that are slightly offset and positioned at a distance from each other. This provides clear acoustic separation between the individual units and makes each home clearly distinguishable from the outside. 

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