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Each other chair by Takahito Araki

The Each other chair's identical parts. Design by Takahito Araki. Photo: Takahito Araki

Takahito Araki designed the Each other chair made out of two similar parts that are both in-functional without the other but together assemble a chair.The Each other chair designed by Japanese design student Takahito Araki is composed of two almost identical parts that are useless without the other, i.e. cannot be used individually, but depend on each other to make a functional piece of furniture

The assembled Each other chair: The two components have been slid into each other. Design by Takahito Araki. Photo: Takahito Araki

The two components have to be slid into one another and engaged to set up a fully functioning chair of a minimum width. When more of these two parts are added the chair's width can be extended thus offering various seating widths that can be established out of a total of four parts.

The width of the Each other chair can be altered. Design by Takahito Araki. Photo: Takahito Araki

Each piece of the Each other chair is made from birch plywood and formed in an almost identical pattern.



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