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Passerelle Angers-Saint Loud, Dietmar Feichtinger Architects, Photo: David Boureau

The Bridge as Pathway and Place: Passerelle at Angers-Saint-Laud

The replacement for the dilapidated old pedestrian bridge fits to the scale of the city. It overcomes the obstacle of the tracks and, by means of several elevators and stairways, for the first time enables direct, barrier-free access to the platforms. To the south, the curving bridge flows into the park at Place Giffard-Langevin, where it continues as an extension of the promenade.

Above all, the bridge represents a unique wooden structure whose curvilinear pathway and eye-catching glulam trusses will make it a true landmark. The differing intervals between the frames will give the path a certain rhythm and provide novel perspectives of the tracks, trains and city.

The bridge’s materiality of steel and wood complements the new commercial structures surrounding the station. Although the reinforced-concrete supports on the station’s bridges must be able to withstand the load of a derailing TGV, they do not appear particularly massive. The subconstruction of the curved bridge consists of a box frame of steel and a cantilever. On this lie the wooden slats of the bridge and the seating area, also in wood, which flank the western edge of the bridge. Two stairways and lifts allow direct access to the most-frequented platforms. Bicycles can be parked beneath the broad stairway, where they will be sheltered from the weather.

As an eye-catching feature of the bridge, the colonnade-like frames of glulam trusses outline the overpass. They add rhythm to the pathway with the varying distances between them: towards the middle of the bridge, they stand closer together to create a sheltered atmosphere for this rest area, whose roof of perforated panelling makes it usable in all conditions.

LED strips integrated into the frames facilitate facial recognition even by night, which enhances users’ sense of security. It is this lighting that elevates the prominent construction to a new, distinctive feature in Angers.

The architects have paid particular attention to drainage on the surface of the bridge: the hollow profile and a waterproof steel plate covering the cantilever collect rainwater and channel it over the railway tracks to each end of the bridge to prevent it from flowing onto the rails.

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