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Designed in a matter of moments: Zaha Hadid's Aria Gold chandelier

It soon became clear,however,that such dimensions would contravene Slamp's corporate philosophy, which lists the accessibility of its products as a basic value. Slamp's Creative Director Luca Mazza recalls: "As we discussed the dimensions, Zaha immediately realized the essence of the brand, and reduced the lamp's proportions without compromising its design identity." As he continues, Zaha Hadid needed just four bold strokesto set down the final design onto paper.

The result is the chandelier Aria, unveiled in a transparent version during the Euroluce 2015 and now available in the Aria Gold version. This is made up of 50 individual metallised polycarbonate partsarranged around an LED light source. Each one differs from the rest, meaning all of the respective parts are hand-constructed.

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