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Daeyang gallery and house, Seoul, Korea by Steven Holl Architects with E.rae Architects.

Roof plan

The recently completed Daeyang gallery and house by Steven Holl Architects has been shortlisted for the Emirates Glass Leaf Awards 2012 in the Mixed-Use Building of the Year category.

The architecture is inspired by a sketch for a music score by the composer Istvan Anhalt titled “Symphony of Modules” published in a John Cage Book titled “Notations”. Cage was known for drawing attention to the “music” contained within the “noise” that is omnipresent in our environments.

The building concept takes the idea as space being silent until it is animated, in this case by light. 55 skylight strips in the roofs of the building some of which are clear, allow the light and sun to enter animating the space according to the time of day weather and season. A proportioning system is used around the series 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55. Something that has been deeply out of fashion in recent years!

The building has three pavilions one for events, another a gallery, and the third a residence. Cutting across the pavilions is a plane of water that acts as a reference as well as a reflecting pool. Below is a heavy podium of white granite, tooled to give a textured finish. Above the pool the three pavilions are articulated into individual forms and clad in a rain screen of patinated copper and glass.

Perspective sketch.

Pool sketch.

The model.


Facade detail.

Facade detail.

Reflecting pool.

Interior wood finish.

White granite podium.

Podiun walls.

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