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Composition Light

Composition Light designed by Miya Kondo. Photo: Miya Kondo

Miya Kondo designed the Composition Light – a series of lights that function as a sculpture and as regular interior lights.

The Canadian born designer Miya Kondo developed Composition Light in search of answering the questions “How can light interpret space and dimension? Can light itself be an object?"

On of the frames of Composition Light designed by Miya Kondo. Photo: Miya Kondo

She designed Composition Light as a light and sculpture made up of five different graphic components: three lightened frames of different sizes an colors and two lightened rods of different length and color.

The objects of Composition Light can be arranged in various constellations. Design by Miya Kondo. Photo: Miya Kondo

The electrical wiring of Composition Light is not hidden, but instead made more obvious. Design by Miya Kondo. Photo: Miya Kondo

The fact that the Composition Light serves as both a sculpture and regular interior lights, bright colors draw attention to the electrical wiring, adding visual interest and reminding the viewer of the technical requirements of the objects.

Each of the lights is of varying shape and color with the ability to stand-alone. By arranging the lights in various constellations an infinite amount of variations for the light output is created.

The quality of the light is modified depending on the position of the elements, whether they are leaning against the wall or lying on the floor. Through the active viewer and user thus not only ambiance of the space is changed by also the appearance of the spatial dimensions.

View of a single frame of the Composition Light. Design by Miya Kondo. Photo: Miya Kondo

The designer Miya Kondo explains “Composition Light describes the relationship between individual and object and individual and space through the use of light, creating different perspectives, frames and shapes of light, offering light itself as a mutable spatial object.”


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