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Photo: FourEightEight

Comfy? Anything but! Concrete sofa by FourEightEight

The sofa is so realistic in impression it would be a good idea to warn your friends before they take a running jump in the hopes of sinking into its soft leather cushions.

Ewan Allan, a designer operating from Edinburgh, devised the item for his FourEightEight label and produces the outdoor furniture piece in a number of versions.  For a start, it comes in 14 different colours and is available with a choice of two base frames, one with metal legs for placement on firm surfaces, and the other in a version that prevents it from sinking into softer ground, as in the case of lawns or even fields.  Several drainage holes ensure that rainwater soon soaks away. The furniture item is so realistic in impression because it has been cast in a mould taken from a real leather sofa. And it is not much heavier than the real thing either: the two-seater, which comfortably has room for three people, is hollow inside and weighs only about 120 kilograms.  The combination of different glass fibres in the concrete ensures stability. 

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