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Cartoon creations. By Nathan Yong.

Front elevation.

I wonder how many of us would recognize the name Bob Clampett and Fritz Freleng? I think most of us however have seen and been delighted with their work. Clampet, a cartoonist, created the character in 1942 that Freleng would develop into “Tweety” in 1947. The cartoon also starring Sylvester the Cat that won Warner Brothers its first Academy Award for the Best Short Subject (Cartoons).

Have you got the connection yet?

Well the connection might be obtuse, but Nathan Yong was inspired by Tweety's wire cage when he designed this range of furniture.

Moving beyond the fictional cartoon world, Mr Yong is reported to have justified the wisdom of putting the users of his furniture within a metaphorical bird cage, with the philosophical question of; who is the cage protecting? The family from the world, read protecting Tweety from Sylvester the cat, or the world from the family? Read climate changing, resource wasting consumers!

Gratitude to Mo Co Loco for drawing the products to my attention.


The stool


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