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Cardboard Bicycle, by Izhar Gafni.


Cardboard Bicycle by Izhar Gafni

What kind of bicycle would you get for $20USD?

If Izhar Gafni has his way, it will be made of cardboard.

After over 18 months of work the bike is almost ready for mass production, but what about when it rains?

The bike's creator claims that the machine will be practically maintenance -free, and that the specially treated cardboard is not only strong, but also waterproof. To test it, a section of the material was left submerged in a tank of water for several months and it apparently still retained its hardened characteristics.

Instead of a chain, the machine uses the timing belt from a car. The tires are very tough too. They are made from old car tires that have been reconstituted, and once inflated will, it is claimed, never puncture and won't need inflating for 10 years!

That sounds super-sustainable. I wonder what it rides like?

Thanks to enpundit.

Cardboard Bicycle driven by Izhar Gafni.

Cardboard Bicycle by Izhar Gafni.

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