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Hotel Concept by Andrii Rozhko; Architect: Andrii Rozhko

Camouflage in the Mountains – Hotel Concept by Andrii Rozhko

Artist and architect Andrii Rozhko, who hails from Ukraine and now works in the UAE in Dubai, has introduced a concept that fits so seamlessly into the wild mountain landscapes of the Alps that it is tempting to possess such an unforgettable building oneself.

Looking as if a frozen icicle or portion of a glacier were sliding from the peak of the mountain, the structure fits seamlessly into its natural surroundings. As a matter of fact, the Hotel in Alps was not designed for a specific location or region in the European Alps, but is conceivable in many possible locations.

The hotel would be accessible only via a heliport. The entryway would lie on the same level, while the rest of the building would descend in a cascade from the mountaintop. As mentioned above, this is still just a concept. All the same, it is a fascinating design that shows how possibilities for exclusive experiences could be created in the mountains without detracting from the charm of the landscape 

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