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Block head: Blocks by Fabian Nissels.

The Swiss artist, Fabian Nissels, explores the human ability to fill-in missing gaps in our perception with this series titled: Blocks.

Scientists believe it is a memory saving device. But for most people, it is noticed as a hindrance, preventing them from creating life-like drawings!

The mind has an incredible trick of substituting images it already has stored, to replace information that is absent, or skimmed over, when the eye sees something.

To exploit this characteristic of the mind, the artist photographs human body parts from four or more separate angles and pastes the images onto blocks. He then takes the blocks and configures them in situations that suggest a human activity. For example prostrate at the bottom of the stairs as if the figure has just fallen down.

The rendering of the human form in this way is very course, but it is easy to understand what is apparently happening as the mind appears to build the picture you expect to see.

I suppose it is an extension of the ideas explored in Cubism, so it will be interesting to see where the artist will take it next.


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