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An adventure at playtime: Aliens land in Canberra, Australia.

Spaceships, made largely of wood, have landed close to Australia's National Arboretum in Canberra, Australia. Scientists and engineers are investigating the structures, and in particular the podular capsules that appear to be formally similar to certain tree fruits found here on earth. Other references to earth's ecosystem, such as spiders, and insects seem to be represented within the vehicles.

Most remarkable of all, the structures appear to be made of wood. This has caused much debate about how such a vehicle could have penetrated the earth's atmosphere without burning-up. Various theories have been postulated. One, that a protective force-field of hyper-energy was emitted by the aliens on board, seems to be gaining favour. It was given credence when a number of jam tarts and bottles of fizzy sweet liquid found close by, were suggested as the possible fuel behind such a force.

At certain times the aliens, can be seen running round the spaceships, and are thought to be undertaking preflight checks before flying to another planet. Although they seem friendly enough, as a protective measure they are being guarded by a group of adults that are standing a safe distance away, so as not to be affected by the high energy aura surrounding them. Several of the adults claim to have been left exhausted by the aliens who appear to draw their energy from within their very soul, leaving them sleep deprived. Nonetheless, the guards have bravely vowed to intervene if things take a turn for the worse, and the aliens turn destructive.

One alien pilot appears to speak good English. He gave his name as Charlie9, and claimed his assistant, Charlene7, had escaped from a once beautiful blue planet in deep space that was now burning-up. He was quoted as saying: “We have come to warn you. Your planet is in danger, from horrible machines that eat the earth and turn it into other horrible machines.”

Sadly, the engineers and scientists ignored Charlie9 until he began to screech in frustration. Order was soon restored however, when one of the volunteer guards, a tall young blond-haired woman, came forward to Charlie9 and gave him a big hug and a packet of sweeties. She later explained she thought he was over-tired and that he might need the sweeties for his next punishing mission. Charlie9 seemed thankful, and shared his sweeties with Charlene7.

In a final gesture of gratitude to the earthlings that helped repair their space craft, Charlie9 and his sister said thank you and waved bye bye to Taylor Cullity Lethlean, who gave some good ideas as to how to build the spaceship. Charlie9 and Charlene7 then took-off to save another planet.


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