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A younger look drives Rolf Benz.

A younger look drives Rolf BenzThe independent Black Forest firm of Rolls Benz has a tradition of producing high quality modern furniture. But looking forward it is bidding for a younger clientèle who might have less cash to spend. In response they have produced this fresh, colourful range of pillows that aims to turn the sofa into... well if not a catwalk, then a place inspired by it.

Setting a new trend in furniture is surely different to clothing where fashion changes with the seasons. But it is still the idea of lifestyle that drives home furnishings and that means responding to the Zeitgeist.

It will be interesting to see how the brand develops their new line.


Rolf Benz blue flowerRolf Benz red flowerRolf Benz stripePile of pillows by designer Rolf Benz


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