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The Twist, BIG

A Tectonic Puzzle in Kistefos Sculpture Park: The Twist by BIG

The Twist by BIG is slated to open in Norway’s Kistefos Sculpture Park with a hybrid typology comprising museum, bridge and sculpture. Described by Bjarke Ingels as a “tectonic puzzle”, the structure as bridge connects the lower, forested south bank with the northern slope in a centralized 90-degree turn.

As a museum the turn serves, along with its bridge function, as a link between the open northern gallery, which features a panoramic view over the Randselva river, and the shaded gallery with artificial lighting on the south side. At the same time a third, sculptural interstitial space arises around the Twist’s own axis - a warped White Cube where ceiling, walls and floor seem to come together centrifugally. From the south entrance, visitors cross a 16-metre long, aluminum-coated steel bridge to access the interior of the museum, while the north entrance is connected to a pedestrian bridge.

Giving a nod to mathematics’ Fibonacci Sequence, the museum’s geometry consists of aluminum plates measuring 40 cm in width. In the course of the fanning turn movement, the plates shift in phases. The resulting spiral-shaped structure fits into the sculpture landscape of the Kistefos Museum.

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Collaborators: AKT II, ÅF Belysning, AS Byggeanalyse, BIG Ideas, Bladt Industries, Brekke & Strand, Davis Langdon, DIFK, ECT, Element Arkitekter, Erichsen & Horgen, Fokus Rådgivning, GCAM, Grindaker, Lüchinger & Meyer, Max Fordham, MIR, Rambøll

Partners-in-Charge: Bjarke Ingels, David Zahle

Project Leader: Eva Seo-Andersen

Project Architect: Mikkel Marcker Stubgaard

Team: Aime Desert, Alberto Menegazzo, Aleksandra Domian, Aleksandra Sobczyk, Alessandro Zanini, Alina Tamosiunaite, Andre Zanolla, Balaj Alin Ilulian, Brage Mæhle Hult, Brian Yang, Carlos Ramos Tenorio, Carlos Surrinach, Casey Tucker, Cat Huang, Channam Lei, Christian Dahl, Christian Eugenius Kuczynski, Claus Rytter Bruun de Neergaard, Dag Præstegaard, David Tao, Edda Steingrimsdottir, Espen Vik, Finn Nørkjær, Frederik Lyng, Jakob Lange, Joanna M. Lesna, Kamilla Heskje, Katrine Juul, Kekoa Charlot, Kei Atsumi, Kristoffer Negendahl, Lasse Lyhne-Hansen, Lone Fenger Albrechtsen, Mads Mathias Pedersen, Mael Barbe, Marcelina Kolasinska, Martino Hutz, Matteo Dragone, Naysan John Foroudi, Nick Huizenga, Nobert Nadudvari, Ovidiu Munteanu, Rasmus Rosenblad, Richard Mui, Rihards Dzelme, Roberto Fabbri, Ryohei Koike, Sofia Rokmaniko, Sunwoong Choi, Tiina Liisa Juuti, Tomas Ramstrand, Tore Banke, Tyrone Cobcroft, Xin Chen

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