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A Signifcant Wow Factor: Airy Resurrection of an Ancient Basilica

Hundreds of square metres of mesh were put to use here. This installation, which was supported by the Ministero della Cultura and the Archaeological Institute, connects ancient archaeology with contemporary art. Tresoldi’s sculpture appears like the resurrected spirit of the former Basilica of Siponto, or perhaps like a hologram projected onto the site.  Despite its airy appearance, a great many detailed architectural elements are present, including columns, cupolas, arches and statues placed inside the structure. Before, no one paid attention to the ruins of this 12-century church, which stand on a quiet street outside Manfredonia. However, these days it is attracting scores of visitors. From the distance, people take the installation for an optical illusion. Resurrecting antiquities in this fashion is a truly fascinating idea.

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