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A point of perspective: Blumers & Schumm.

A room

In classical painting composition the artist's licence allowed, even expected, oblique references to mythical or historical events that gave substance to the art and that a cognoscenti of viewers would be able to understand as a statement of wit, learning or even profundity. Sometimes, the artist might overlay that meaning with a more subtlety coded meaning of his own. The famous book and TV series of 1972 by John Berger titled: Ways of Seeing unlocked this aspect of art for ordinary viewers who, perhaps for the first time, could begin to appreciate meaning in art.

In this series of images it could be argued that the photographers Blumers & Schumm continue to explore the tradition of coded meaning in art so effectively exposed by Berger.

Here, what might be mundane still life objects are carefully composed to suggest erotic images that are recognisable by the viewer without too much difficulty. The question is however, what is being revealed in the images?

Blumers & Schumm are represented by mini-title. Gratitude to Feature Shoot for drawing these images to my attention.



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