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A modern housing debate.

Photo credits: “Dogitecture.”

Great fun was had last year when the founder of Muji, Kenya Hara, persuaded several well-known architects to design dog kennels. This project arguably has its origins as the “Cow Parade” in Zurich. That idea has spread to cities across the world. The Cow Parade invites various architects, artists, and designers to decorate fibre glass cows which are then spread across the host city as a summer tourist/ sculpture trail. A recent variation in London last year, was to decorate a fibreglass British red telephone box.

Such projects are a good idea. They raise the profile of the participating designers, they attract tourists, and the whole fanfare usually raises some money for charity when the objects are auctioned, or otherwise sold-off.

And so, a select group of young Mexican designers are having an exhibition of their own dog kennels. A modern-day Salon des Refusés, except of course it is manifest as a website.

The event is organized by Mexican architect Esteban Suarez (BNKR) who has teamed up with Felipe Fadon, to stage the show. It is light-hearted enough to raise a smile, which is always welcome.

Meanwhile, down a great shaft to the very bowels of the earth, civil engineers are digging fifty miles of railway infrastructure that will carry a million passengers a day.


Gratitude to Nina Shell.

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