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A home for books and youngsters: Children's Library by MKCA

MKCA has completed the new Children’s Library for the Concourse House Home for Women and Their Children in New York.  Founded in 1991, the social institution is particularly concerned with homeless women and their youngsters.  Recognising the importance that reading has for the cognitive and emotional development of children, the architects specifically designed the Children's Library as a space for youngsters who would otherwise have no access to books.

Set on a mezzanine level, the light-filled and colourful interior compensates for the dark barrel-vaulted ceiling and is designed to arouse children's interest. An illuminated bookshelf with rounded corners is the main element of the attractive setting. Soft poufs are used for either sitting on or leaning against, plus two Corian tables and a writable glass panel are integrated into the panelling.

The pro bono-designed library was only possible with the help of numerous donations. The Children's Library contains 1,200 books from Sisters Uptown Bookstore – a literary gift to children who are currently without a permanent home.

Further information: MKCA Project Team: Braden Caldwell, Michael Chen
General Contractor and Millwork:
Structure Ventures
Generous support provided by Julie Yamin and Kate Yamin
Donations to the Library

Alex Proba, Asher Israelow, Bec Brittain, Birnam Wood Studio, Christopher Kurtz, Chronicle Books
David Weeks, Egg Collective, Ezra Tessler (Courtesy of 315 Gallery Fernando Mastrangelo Studio), Haley Josephs (Courtesy of 315 Gallery Kin & Company), Kinder Modern, Ladies and Gentlemen Studio Maharam, Manzanares Furniture, Mary Wallis for Lindsey Adelman Studio Pelle, Phaedo (Courtesy of Colony), Ramos Trucking, Schoolhouse Electric, Structure Ventures, Visibility, Vonnegut Kraft and Mary Ping 
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