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Italy, Courtesy Richard Meier & Partners Architects, Bridge

A Great Wave in Alessandria: Cittadella Bridge by Richard Meier & Partners

The 185-metre Cittadella bridge over the Tanaro replaces the bridge from Napoleonic times, which was destroyed in a flood in 1994. The new bridge spans the entire breadth of the river. With the redesign of the Piazza Gobetti, the city hopes to arouse interest in the preservation and repurposing of the citadel for the future.

“After more than 20 years since the commission was awarded, I am happy to have completed the new connection between the old and new areas of the city, between past and present Alessandria”, Richard Meier commented at the inauguration of the bridge.

The new bridge creates more than a connection; it also functions as a public space. As the old bridge was frequently overburdened with traffic, it was rather unattractive for pedestrians. Therefore, the new connection offers separate paths for motorists and people on foot. The two sides are delimited by a high steel arch. With this iconic effect of expressive bridge design, the city hopes to win more international recognition for the town and foster a revival.

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Associate Architect & Construction
Supervision: Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects
Design Principal: Dante O. Benini
Senior Partner: Luca Gonzo
Senior Architect: Monica Lirosi
Site Assistant: Sebastiano De Servi
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