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David Chipperfield, Corona, Interview

A Crash Course in Digital Communication: How is the David Chipperfield Architects studio handling the coronavirus crisis?

How has the routine changed in your office?
Eva Schad:  For the past two months, the work routine has been taking place at home for all of us. Before the virus hit, we had only had occasional experiences with working from home. The fact that it can actually function - by which I mean that the structures we had established at the office for meetings and planning work - for the entire staff at home is something completely new to us. You could call it a small revelation. What’s more, the situation has forced the company leadership to undergo a crash course in communicating with 120 employees. The result: it’s been a long time since we all felt so close.

Do you have any tips for your colleagues?
This is a good opportunity to promote the subjects of self-organization and individual responsibility.

What do you miss the most during the coronavirus pandemic?
I miss those spontaneous social contacts that happen on campus, in the cafeteria, in the kitchenette … the face-to-face conversations, the sycamore garden - in a nutshell, our daily life on campus and all the hustle and bustle.

Where do you see challenges for the future, and how can they be mastered?
The great challenge lies in the acquisition of new projects via competitions and studies. It worries us that things are getting quiet here … we’ll have to wait and see what the next months bring.

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