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A case for cork: Cork Case for the Ipad 3 by Pomm design.

A case for cork: Cork Case for the Ipad 3 by Pomm design

Photos: Pomm design

If you rue the passing of a proper stopper in your wine bottle, and feel that you miss the natural, musty smell of cork, then this iPad 3 case might be the thing to satisfy your craving.

The case is made from a sculpted block of reconstituted cork. It is chic and eye-catching but also provides good protection for your tablet.

The case's faceted form might look as though it was inspired by a stealth bomber, but its mission is to protect!

Cork is a natural material harvested from trees. It is sustainable and biodegradable. Yet it is durable, versatile and can be reconstituted into a uniform material meaning it can be moulded into almost any form.

This case is available in limited edition from Pomm Design.

A cork case for the iPad 3

Case for the Ipad 3

Pomm design

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