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A beautiful sense of decay. Photographs of cars by Peter Lippman.

Photo credits: Peter Lippman.

The American artist, Peter Lippman, has found a way to record nature taking back what was once taken from it.

His photographs of cars, left abandoned in forests, records a process that is really at the root of the environmental scientist James Lovelock's famous book: Gaia. Man's interaction with nature, is a subject endlessly laboured over by poets and painters.

Lippman, is of course interested in the image, and offers no scientific postulation. But his elegant photographs speak of the interaction between man and nature with as much eloquence as a tome of scientific papers describing all that is currently known about entropy.

They also remind us that physical scars left on nature by man are transient, and will eventually be forgiven in the form of beautiful ruins.

And so, like the legion of poets before us, we are seduced by man's folly, once it is framed by nature.

Gratitude to Beautiful Life.

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