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3d printing booth, Japan.

Photos: Omote 3d.

This blog has been monitoring developments in 3d printers as it is a technology capable of changing the way architects work. The idea of 3d scanning an object that can then be transformed and printed out is an aspect of the technology that will also be very useful to architects.

Although the undergraduate class I taught explored some of the architectural implications of this this technology with one of its inventors ten years ago, it is only relatively recently that it's use is becoming more mainstream.

The 3d printing booth, billed as the worlds first, is part of an exhibition / pop-up shop, and is a good example of what is to come. For the first time, you can go into the shop, get scanned and have a miniature statue of yourself printed before your eyes.Omote 3d are holding the event is in the Eye of Gyre exhibition space in Harajuku, Japan from November 24 to January 14 2013. The prints come in three sizes and appointments to be scanned are made via on-line booking only.

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